The Construction Development Alliance host a bi-annual Young Person in Construction Awards (YPCA); the main sponsor of the event is Sika, along with other construction-based companies throughout the northwest of England.

This year the special guest host is Charlie Luxton from Channel Four’s  Building the Dream.

42nd Street – Young persons mental health charity has been chosen for the charity of the night. You can Donate online today to help support the charity.

As of the 2nd of May 2023, the CDA are proud to announce the Award’s winners.

  • Overcoming Adversity – Benjamine Hall
  • Young Construction Apprentice – Holly Duffy
  • Young Construction Professional – Abigail Brierley
  • Young Construction Designer – Sam Gregson
  • Young Construction Environmentalist – Connor Lynch

Each Award comes with a certificate and a construction-style goody bag.

The overall winner will be announced on the 25th of May, 2023, at the Young Person in Construction Awards Evening.

The awards evening is the CDA’s way of supporting young construction professionals as they strive to reach their goals in their chosen fields.

Making a better Today by supporting the Young People of Tomorrow!

Below is information about each winner –


Abi has undertaken a BEng in Civil Engineering, achieving first-class honours, and during her time at university, she undertook an experience placement in California, working for a heavy civil contractor and building an airport runway. Abi is currently working for Laing O’Rourke, as an Assistant Construction Manager. She is passionate that the ‘old fashioned’ way of shouting and screaming to get things accomplished is not necessary. She believes that people work better when they are happy and treated with respect. She is currently writing and presenting a conference paper, based on her dissertation, studying differences in experience, between males and females in construction, in the UK and USA, and she hopes that the conclusions will make people think about their actions and what they can do.


Sam is studying furniture design and is currently working towards Furniture Design Level 3. He is very keen on design and also makes pieces of furniture in his spare time at home. Sam came straight in at Level 2 and missed the basic hand skills the first year. However, he picked the subject up very quickly and soon caught up on the year he had missed. He has a flair for design and uses CAD to produce accurate drawings of the pieces he is producing. His tutor’s note has produced excellent work; throughout the 2 years he has attended college, he has had a great attitude to study and enjoys attending his classes.


After studying electrical and electronic engineering, at the University of Central Lancashire, with a focus on renewable energy, he came into the commercial solar world with no prior experience and took on the role of the O+M manager at The Low Carbon Energy Co. He has developed and maintained the existing systems with minimal guidance, and to do it in a couple of months is nothing short of impressive. He is described as a diligent young man who quietly but effectively goes about his business. He has recently completed the G99 grid and additional project management training, thus allowing him to further expand his role and influence in the business. As part of the low carbon mission of “ inspiring change today to protect future generations, Connor assists the Positive Footprints, Charity, in local schools to introduce other students to the STEM subjects.


Holly is a level 2 painter and decorator, who has passed her first year at college, and has now acquired an apprenticeship with Spain Building and Maintenance. The quality of the work she is now producing is sublime and professional in every sense of the word. From always making sure she is early for her work placement and College lessons to being sometimes overly critical of the products she works on, she sets an example to all her peers. Holly simply epitomises everything that is great about the apprenticeship offers, constantly setting herself new challenges and pushing herself to be the best in everything she does. As a result, Holly has developed into a really accomplished Painter and Decorator and an incredibly professional worker who produces work of the highest standard.


During his first year of studying joinery, Ben was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer of the throat, and due to this, he obviously had to take time away from his studies and work to undergo various treatments. Thankfully, Ben is on the road to recovery and has returned to both his studies and his work. He is producing a high standard of work whilst in College workshops and is proving to be a valuable asset to his employer, H&S Joinery. Both his tutor and employer have described him as an amazing asset to the industry, as well as a great character who raises the spirits of those around him, with both his tutor and employer attesting that his playful ‘joker’ attitude provides a lift in morale for anyone who works alongside him.

 You can Donate online today to help support the 42nd Street Charity.