B&E Boys(Boys), a member of the Construction Development Alliance (CDA), have submitted plans to redevelop the site of a 19th-century Keighley Mill to Bradford Council.

The mill known as the Walk Mills complex, between the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway and the River Worth, was once a major part of the town’s textile industry. However, textile production at the Walk Mills site ceased in the 70s and parts of the site, including its chimney, have been demolished, and it is now currently divided into smaller units.

Walk Mills

Boys have submitted plans that will include the demolition of the old mill.

The upper floors of all the existing buildings are now largely unoccupied due to their poor condition. The northern area of the site currently has a variety of tenants occupying different parts of the Walk Mills site. However, due to the age of the buildings, they no longer provide efficient and good-quality workspace for modern commercial use. The accommodation is also no longer appropriate to meet the needs of tenants.

Furthermore, the buildings are prone to flooding due to the location being so close to the River Worth. Over the years, this has caused considerable inconvenience to tenants on the site and costly disruption.

What is planned?

Under the proposals provided to Bradford Council, all the existing buildings on the northern development site will be demolished. It is planned that the finished floor levels of all the new industrial units in the new development will be set to protect all the buildings from any future flooding. Part of the plan is that nine high-quality steel-framed industrial units will be built in various sizes to suit a range of business needs in the area. Three industrial units will also be constructed on the southern development site, which is prone to flooding.

While the northern section of the existing site already houses industrial space, the southern section is currently an undeveloped greenfield area. However, the redevelopment plans represent a natural extension of an established industrial plot. Combining the northern and southern sections will enable the Walk Mills development to become an industrial space fit for the 21st century.

The development delivers high-quality new industrial workspace, but the new units will be arranged in attractive terraces and extensive landscaping. Tree and hedgerow planting also feature in the plans.

Twelve modern business units on the site will attract more businesses to the town. Not only will the new development provide much-needed extra business accommodation for the area, but it will also create jobs and provide a welcome boost to the local economy.

The plans submitted to Bradford Council continue the commitment of B & E Boys to providing exciting new industrial developments that will boost local communities and economies for years to come. The redevelopment of the Walk Mills site will enable modern businesses to thrive and grow in the area.

What do Boys think?

B & E Boys, Design & Build team are aware of the challenges and demands of modern business and they have worked on a wide variety of new build projects and refurbishment. Repurposing and redeveloping existing sites is also a major part of their work.

Visit the projects section on their website to see details of the many projects they have already successfully completed.