The Construction Development Alliance (CDA) hold monthly meetings at the Whitaker Art Museum in Rawtenstall to help educate and enlighten the construction professionals in the area.

The CDA has a wide range of construction professionals ranging from architects to builders. It is the desire of the members to have an effective network base to provide their clients with the best expertise.

It is common for Continued Professional Development(CPD) training to be done during these meetings, and each member is encouraged to invite those who would benefit most from these training sessions.

February 2024 was no exception!

Forbes Solicitors, members of the CDA, took to the floor to shed some light on the issues all companies have an issue with Disputes and Adjudication. Forbes alongside Oliver MCEntree of the Kings Chambers.

The members sat through an informative presentation by Oliver; then, the room was opened up for an intense question-and-answer session.

Because each member will have had some issue with clients paying invoices in the past or even at present, all members had an active role in the discussion.


It was clear by the end of the meeting that each attendee had taken something from the CPD.

Forbes has stated they are ready for any member who is struggling with disputes with clients, Forbes will help provide the relevant information to ensure all stones.