B and E Boys have recently been working on the Considerate Construction Scheme assessment of the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park renovation; their team received an excellent score of 41/45.

The Olympic Legacy Park involves the development of a 2,500-seat basketball arena for the local sports teams. It will also include a new medical facility facilitating private and NHS clients. Canon Medical Services UK will develop it, though Living Care Limited will manage it daily.

Alongside a range of affiliated refurbishments, new technology will be added, including MRI scanners, X-Ray and Ultrasound equipment, and a minor surgery operating theatre.

The Considerate Construction Scheme (CCS) is a voluntary assessment using a Code of Considerate Practice that provides transparency for construction companies and clients. It evaluates the impacts of construction on the local community, environment, and workforce. Hence, members of the public, contractors, suppliers, and construction clients are aware of the ins and outs of the project.

The first part of the assessment reviews our respect for the community.

Thanks to the hard work of the Boys’ team, they scored an impressive 14/15 for this first section; there were notable mentions of the on-site activities, engagement with the local community, social media support, and contributions to the City of Sheffield Green City objectives.

Also, the boys’ team were commended for following up on every recommendation from the CCS’s first visit.

Secondly, the project was assessed for its care of the environment.

Once again, the team did well, with a score of 13/15.

They have a target of BREAM excellent and an estimate that 50% of Boys’ supply chain is carbon neutral. In addition, all of the hard landscaping is permeable with attenuation, and the transplantation of the trees from the previous site is proving successful.

The project is also working successfully toward its net zero policy for 2030.

The third and final part of the CCS was based on how we value our workforce.

Scoring a brilliant 14/15 for this section, B&E Boys commented that they would like to thank their workers and their continued efforts!

The well-organised and clean workplace helps maintain safe construction, and, in particular, the requisite checks and procedures were of notable merit. In addition, thorough documentation of all induction and toolbox materials is essential for high-quality construction, which was also mentioned to justify their score.

Finally, the CCS appreciated Boys’ annual awards ceremony, which recognises the determination of their employees.

This score and assessment will mean a much more productive, receptive, and flexible project that benefits the whole of the City of Sheffield community.

Congratulations to the Boys’ team for their hard work has been successful.