In September 2019, the CDA Members Booth King as a whole company came together at the head office in Ramsbottom to celebrate 50 years of business.

Booth King decided to take the day off to spend time with colleagues from their other offices. They were spending the day on the East Lancashire Heritage Railway. It was an excellent opportunity for the teams to reconnect with our colleagues from the different offices as they travelled up and down the Irwell Valley in the surprising September sunshine.

What is the story?

Established in 1969, Alan Booth founded the Alan S Booth and Associates, a Consulting Structural and Civil Engineering company. The business was based in Prince’s Chambers, John Dalton Street, and in the late 70s the business moved to Ancoats, Manchester.

Michael King, a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institute of Structural Engineers joined Alan Booth in the Manchester-based business. Both men then went on to form a strong working relationship, which is now known as Booth King Partnerships.

By the early 90s, Booth King moved out of Manchester and set up base in Rawtenstall, closer to Michael King’s home, as Alan Booth retired in 1996.

Keeping up with Alan’s work, Micheal steered the company with the same enthusiasm.

Following the Hillsborough football club disaster and the publication of the Taylor Report, which brought in all-seater stadiums, Micheal became a stadium specialist. Involved in the ground redevelopments at Manchester United FC, Salford Rugby Club, Blackburn Rovers FC and his beloved Burnley Football Club.

Micheal retired in 2004, leaving Mark Moppett and Mark Pollard as his successors; 2007 saw Booth King Partnership become incorporated.

As a legacy of Micheal King, the company had the privilege to have Micheal’s grandson spend a week of work experience in 2022.

50 Years

Booth King aims to remain the same as it was when it was first established 50 years ago – they want to provide the highest quality engineering design in concept, detail design and execution.

All had a great day, and the company was delighted to be joined by Micheal King’s family members to celebrate 50 years of engineering innovation and success.

Booth King has offices in Ramsbottom, Manchester and Edinburgh, and they pride themselves in providing clients satisfaction and offering employees first-class experiences.